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3. Contador de 0 a 99 con displays de 7 segmentos (Ver Inglés)

In this project, a counter from 0 to 99 was implemented using 2 common cathode displays (they can be used as common anodes by modifying the code) which is controlled with a start/stop bit and a reset bit.


Ports used in this project:

  • CLK (Input – 1 bit): Clock at 50MHz.
  • INI (Input – 1 bit): Input pin to start/stop counting, when INI = ‘1’ starts counting, when INI = ‘0’ the count stops
  • RESET (Input – 1 bits): Input pin to reset the count, when RESET = “1” the count is reset.
  • DISPLAY(Output – 7 bits): 7-bit port that is connected to the 7-segment display.
  • TRANSISTOR(Output – 2 bits): Output port that is connected to the transistors that activate or deactivate the displays.


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